Industrial/Water/Wastewater DCS and SCADA

Water/Wastewater SCADA

We have the most features for less:

  • Better control, vector graphics
  • Text screen to record data
  • Enable/disable any alarm
  • Info icons eliminate need for paper manuals
  • Automatic reports emailed as pdf or Excel format
  • Trend any input 
  • Ability to add cameras to the system
  • 10-touch gestures just like your smart phone
  • Remote connectivity is a breeze

Got Wireless?


We specialize in wireless technology for data acquisition and full blown SCADA systems.  This new technology can be less expensive than a hard wired solution especially in hard to reach areas.  We use a mesh type network so the more IO points you have the better the network.  This technology can be tailored to operate outside of your existing communication channels.  

What is DCS?


The term DCS stands for Distributed Control System - it is commonly used to describe a control system that uses IO modules to distribute information with a central control system.  All or most of the system control comes from a central PC or PLC type hardware.

Industrial DCS and SCADA


The term SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.  It is a control system architecture that uses computers, networked data communications and graphical user interfaces for high-level process supervisory management.  This is a system that could have multiple PLCs, DCS elements, wireless IO, etc all communicating to a central monitoring station or stations.  

Why we are different


In our DCS or SCADA systems we incorporate the same mentality as in our PLC touch screens.  That is we strive to make the interface easy to navigate and easy to troubleshoot thus increasing your bottom line even after the commissioning.

Smart Design's Panel Shop


If panels are required we own the panel shop so we have the ability to fabricate with quick lead times and perform quality testing of your product.  From small production runs to large custom orders we can do it all! 

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